Sunday, June 13

What fun! what fun!

Tadaa! i'm just back from Kedah. Everything has more value than just sitting on a shelf, berangan or termenung. Haha. I wont say anything in the moment nor after the moment. But when i come back and look at those pictures, i am in awe! Even i'm in a tired day, when my capacity and energy is low, they are messes (which is i really care) disaster zones, penat, letih and more work for me. Thus, i will say that:

"Today was a good day. So, on a good day, i am filled with wonder and awe for what we are conjure up"
- me, hubby, toge, chaq, perto, amet, pojie

p/s: ehh i happy tau jln2 with bf. Awww :)

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