Tuesday, June 15

Searching for answers only to find more questions

Tired, annoyed, tired. i want it all to work like a formula. If i do X and add a little Y, i should end up with Z. Masalah nya, yang Z to mmg tak penah exist! So i throw my everything into getting X and Y straight. I really want to remove all the fear from my day. I want my day to flow dammit, i want a light, cool envigorating breeze. Tolong lah bos, jangan bg byk keje lagi. I'm tired. Tired of thinking, tired of analyzing.

i get angry sometimes bcause i am working so hard and hard work should pay off somewhere kan? But, i didnt receive anything pun. Just penat. (sounds like tak ikhlas kan) well, then..the attempt might succeed if i received $$$$. Tehee. Aren't i?

But no, i usually find i have even more to learn.

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