Wednesday, June 9

How to handle a ton of work at once?

So, gonna might to say? Well, here is the thing. I found task err multi-task okay, too many of them in my routines. It means, everyday. and perhaps TONS! Honestly, being a perfectionist? this is my besetting sin. Memang terlalu tipu lah if i'd done perfectly without any miscellaneous en? Kau boleh? Oleh itu, or i should say that:

"If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly"

Haha. Sukati. In other words lah kan, not everything has to be perfect. Just get it out the door, phone call, mengadu nasib, menangis! Kahkah. Frankly, my own arrogance is probably at the root of this one.

U see? i still work humbly with my textbook. siap sorok bawah-bawah lagi. Haha. still kene refer textbook la. err. Well, i ma exam-oriented person. Yak dush!

and this is my not-s0-Gen-place.
Meja saya yang mula2 at the fisrt week je kemas, by then, u tgk. dah mcm kerani. baik blajar stakat SPM je. Tisk! Penat blajar pandai-pandai.

So this explains why the week before my vacation is one of the most non-productive weeks of the year.
Off-to KEDAH this weekend. With hubby. Toodles~

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