Thursday, October 28


(ok sekarang kene jawab dgn muka kerek, konon konon dah nak grad. So, ini serius muka kerek. Boleh? Haha)

ok the answer is:
Whole loads of drama for sure! Haha!

"Adalah mimpi ngeri, drama sana sini. Susah-senang sana sini. Menjerit melolong seorangan sana sini. Menangis sana sini. Who knows, i'm done ok!"

Ok family and friends,
It is not even a day of celebration. i will use this day (starting today ok) to reflect my achievements. I will often ask myself, "If ayah is around, will he be proud of me? Have i done enough to make my parents proud?". Hee. (Dengan harapan ayah and mama tinjau tinjau post ini. Haih!). So as i considering this Pre-graduate, (AHHA) i do hope to lead my life with a good purpose and continuously improve and reach a different level every day. InsyaAllah. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why i am always passionate to chase my personal goals. It is something that i really want to accomplish and make mama and ayah proud. Cewahh. Macam dah confirm grad. Berangan sgt ke hadapan. HAHA. Keep on dreaming babes!

Love, DyraDrea ♥