Saturday, May 29

Being exactly who we are

For the longest time..Those are the moments i hold onto. and take a picture of, if my camera is nearby. It is always cool to see a moment of connection. Awww. On the day of Fuad's wedding. Congratulation bro!

And that is where things are these days :)

Oh my, it was so good

Buah hati saya.
I wanted them to be smwhere n everyday besides me. heheh. so i could say those words to them. And every day on my way out, i see them, and i still smile.
(mereka-lah tempat mengadu)
tehee :)

We have gotten back into our adventure rhythm.

I am really happy to meet them.
The unexpected happens, all time..and this adventure was no exception.
Btw, i love all of them then.

mashita, asilah, nini, ayu, illy, kikin, hanis, ana, eril, farid, fais, taufiq, dekmi, mizi, raja, im.
tq v v v much muax :)

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