Tuesday, October 13

Lack of Attention

Some things were things i knew
that i may see my own feelings and frustration.

hi! this post sgt not necessary sebenarnya. Tp, like i said, this blog is my zen place of exposure. Okay, let me say. I'm suffer. I'm suffering of tiredness. Byk sgt assignment. Byk sgt test. And of course i was suffering the most from all this.

And he...
do not giving me the love that i really need.
So, i was acting out in every way possible to get some attention.
It made me sad.
I started crying and crying.
I could look back and i could see it.

Apparently, i wanting some touch, some love by getting help to make me stands on the ground.
I just didnt get it.

Thats all i need.

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