Saturday, February 21

life after death

Sometimes when I was a kid I found it very hard to fall asleep.

There are hundreds of questions with no answer that came across my mind, and some still floating til today. Questions like, what's beyond the universe? Is there an end or a wall to the universe, and if there are some sort of wall whats beyond that.

Is there God. Is there Ghost.

What happen if mum dies, I will never see her again. What happens if I die, I will never exist any more, I'm just like a dust vanished in the air.

Then I wish there is such thing as life after death, so mum can live on, I can live on, everyone in this world can live on.

If there isn't, life in this universe is very sad, we all just a living thing who born to die. And I bet no one in this world wants to die, and none of us had really thought about this until the moment comes. Why think about it because we can't control it. So might as well wait until the moment comes, then start worry. And we all know heaven is a better place to go after death. It is these beliefs which will allow our spiritual mind to continue its journey.

Whether we are religious or not we are some how affected, a force subconsciously embodied in our mind, preventing us from doing many things, many bad things.


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