Wednesday, March 3

My little view for today

Just one of those not too "DOWN" day.
I wouldnt trade my little view for anything.
I am blessed to get the glimpse i get and makes me so very happy.
I doesnt stopped many time today trying to capture the beauty in front of me.

Quick view from Tasik Sek. 7 Shah Alam. Going for jogging with roomy.
To be in the moment in the visual goodness. Wahhh

Bask in the gorgeous glow of the sun. Panas weyhhh. And for that fleeting moment all is right with me.
All is right with the world!

But then...

These things are pretty great!
Feel like "permaisuri" dilayan supaya being happy. Haha
and it was like.."Hi..! it's a party.."
Thank you Wawa

And finally having dinner with em again
And it was cool enough

And so i share some of the view, maybe the day wasnt that hot either and u could use the visual distraction. haha

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